About TAM

A proven provider of  integrated solutions designed to meet the many needs of retailers throughout the U.S and Internationally!   The Assistant Manager™ (TAM) is a complete retail technology designed for many different retail operations that will benefit your organization and each of your customers.

TAM provides what a retail solution should provide:

    • Aids in critical and day to day business decisions through timely and accurate information
    • Controls inventory in both merchandise and food services
    • Improves each customer’s and/or member’s experience
    • Increases membership enrollment as well as overall visitor loyalty
    • Reduces loss through secure cash controls
    • Reduces the cost of operations through elimination of repetitive labor
    • Promotes increased fundraising through better donation management

Improves the bottom line for all profit centers TAM is a proven solution that prominent members of your industry have relied on for decades.  Choose a link below and learn more about the retail marketplaces that TAM Retail serves:

Non-profits including Museums, Zoos, Aquariums, Parks, Gardens, and Public Lands Hospitals, Medical Centers, Wellness Centers, Retirement Villages, and Clinics Card and Gift, Party Supplies, Apparel, Pets and Pet Supplies, and Booksellers Liquor, Tobacconists, Wine Sellers and Gourmet Foods Full Service Car Washes

The TAM community includes a wide range of organizations like yours.  These retailers range in size from institutions that see tens of thousands of customers per year up to millions per year.  These retailers have been counting on TAM and its benefits since 1980, making it the industry’s most reliable and trusted solution available today.

Too learn more visit www.tamretail.com.


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